In 1985 we formed AMT Integrated Solutions, Inc., a software company which provides consultation and relevant services in the state-of-the-art complex DataBase market. The company is incorporated in Los Angeles, California. USA. The main goal of this company is to provide direction and high support to a corporate level an integrated solution for Management Information Systems.

Migrating from a Large and Mid-Range Multi-user Computers to a Personal Computer Local-Area-Network’s (PC-LAN) and using a Four Generation Language (4GL), we deploy a strong and flexible corporate DataBase to run on DOS-Base and Windows platforms an unlimited number of users. Using a commercial communication software, we integrated our DataBase to be able to send and receive data for a full Corporate Operating Process.

To meet the ever-changing technology, we started to develop systems which are based on Object-Oriented Programming technology and Windows GUI. We have participated in the design, implementation, support and customization of several joint projects with a local ISP.

Our knowledge of various operating systems, programming languages, communication hardware and protocols, allows us to develop products and service not yet available on the local market. Our special type of organization positions us for the new Internet and Intranet service provider market.

On 1 June 1996, Advanced Net Technology was formed as a limited company in Hong Kong as a System Integrator with an independent operation, acting as an Internet and Intranet Service Provider for the Asia region.

ANT offers the latest Internet technologies to the clients so that they can market their products and services, or enhance their internal operation efficiency.

On Febrero  2000,  ANT decides to expand their services in the main countries of the world.

The ANT politics is  to create a holding company  in each country called  BSG (BUSSINES SYSTEMS GROUP) and this company created or  bought specialized companies  in TI solutions to offer an integral service specialized in each country.